We are a non profit organization that aids the most vulnerable through donations. These donations help them with their most basic needs which in turn leads to them living a more.

Our mission

Encourage people to help change the lives of the most vulnerable through their donations…

Happiness Boxes
GR 20%

Current goals are to have a donation of 500 boxes
Please help us make a difference

Charity what sum

We make it easy for our donors to donate. Our donations are distributed to a variety of organizations that will happily receive your donations and put them in the hands of the most vulnerable.

Why should you donate to us?

The person who is making the donation gets to choose one of
the many organizations that their donation will go to. The donor will bring in a box of items that they no longer need and specify wich organization they would like it to be donated too.

We take care of the rest. When your box is donated to your specified organization we will send you a notification and a photo that your box went to the organization of your choice.

How does this work


The donor will gather materials that they would like to donate. The materials should be in good condition.

Our team will pick up materials at your home. Then the materials will be evaluated to be sure of their good ¿ condition and then donated to one of many beneficiary organizations.

"Generates Smile"

We offer an easy way to donate to support the variety of Organizations that will receive the items with gratitude and joy.

Valle de los Ángeles

Has worked since 1993 with different Guatemalan generations, low-income children

Tío Juan

Mi Casa was founded for the benefit of Guatemalan children, ensuring their development through education.

Hogar de Niños Fátima

We care for children who have been victims of violence or abandonment in Guatemala.

La Misión Guatemala

Promote the comprehensive development of Guatemalan communities in need.

Casa Bernabé

We believe in the integral development of our children.

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